Disability Provision

Disability Provision 

As a church we are pleased to be able to provide the following assistance for those with disabilities. 


A)   Hard of Hearing

Signing   -   At our Sunday morning service - we are able to provide British Sign Language (BSL) for the deaf and / or hard of hearing. This is situated on the right hand side of the church near the back where signing for the sermon and on occasions the songs is carried out.

Loop System   -   The church also provides a loop system for those with a 'T' switch on their hearing aid.


B)   Visually Impaired

Powerpoint Presentations   -   The songs sung and more often than not the sermons etc. are carried out using Powerpoint Presentations to help everyone feel engaged with what is taking place.


C)   Wheelchair Access

Wheelchairs   -   We have facilities for wheelchair users including toilet facilities. Currently due to immovable seating, places for wheelchair seating is towards the rear of the auditorium. Wheelchair access is on the left hand side of the building, otherwise a small step has to be negotiated at the front, where we would be pleased to provide assistance to anyone wanting access.