Visitors' Comments

   Over the years we have had a rich heritage of ministry in the Church, where we        have been really blessed. A number of their comments are outlined below.



“It’s thrilling to see what God is doing amongst you..... Keep up the good work.”
Dr. Bob Gordon, Proclaimers International March 1997



“I did enjoy being with you . Quite one of the best Easters I’ve ever had.... I was very impressed with so much that your church are doing to reach out into the community around......”
Rev. David Pawson, MA., BSc., UK, April 1999



"I just cannot believe what God has done in this place. The change is beyond my wildest imaginations. Praise the Lord.”
Rev. Cecil Quamina, Open Bible Church, Trinidad. August 1999



"It was exciting to see what God is doing amongst you, and the way the fellowship is progressing and growing in the Lord.”
Rev. Wynne Lewis, Gen. Supt. of the Elim Pentecostal Churches. Feb 2000



"I’ve visited thousands of churches all over the world, and have never experienced such a sense of God’s presence. What you’ve got here is something special”.
Chris & Allyson Jones, New Mexico, April 2000



"This church is pregnant with a greater release of God presence”.
Sharon Stone, C.I.E. UK, April 2000



"A Church where you will meet with God.... Here's a multi national Church meeting the needs of the Community. You will feel at home wherever you are from."
George Miller, RMI, UK, April 2000



"The sense of God's presence is so real here, we're convinced you're on the verge of a breakthrough.”
Tim Uluirewa (Gospel Singer Australia) & Raise the Praise Gospel Choir (Australia & Figi Islands). May 2000



"The liberty was fantastic for the Lord's presence was clearly visible."
Rev. Maj. Sam Larbie (rtd), Senior Pastor Camberwell Elim, 23 July 2000



"There is a sweetness of the Holy Spirit from the leadership down. We see lovely people here with a desire for the Holy Spirit to do lovely things"”.
Pastors Roosevelt & Carlos, Cali, Columbia - 31st July 2000



"There's an open heaven over this place & it makes it so easy to minister."
Pastor Sam Kasango, Heartsong Gospel Group(Uganda). 13th August 2000



"It's awesome what God is doing here. Keep on pressing in for a greater move of God's Holy Spirit."
Pastor Dennis Phillips, (Regional Supt, Elim Churches, Wales) July 2002



"It's great worshipping God in your church. Your congregation are special."
Steve Long, (Pastor TACF, Canada). 2003



"I really appreciate the way you are pursuing the Father's heart. Keep it up."
James Jordon, Father's Heart Ministries, Australia). Mar 2004



"The sense of God's presence is awesome. It's increased since I was last here. I really enjoy coming to the Elim Church, Clapham." 
(Rev. John Shiver, John Shiver Ministries, Florida). June 2004



"The meetings were a highlight in our ministry - God's presence was awesome"
Pastor Kevin & Margaret Peat (Regional Supt, Elim Churches, Scotland). Sept 2004



"An amazing sense of God's presence - It was great to be with you."
Robert Critchley, (Songwriter & Worship Leader TACF, Canada) Sept 2004



"It's a long time since I've sensed such a strong sense of God's Presence. I've never experienced God in such an amazing way in the meeting. I was totally ovewhelmed with God's presence. I enjoy coming here to minister and to share fellowship with you."
Richard Shipp, Prophet, Cambridge. 2004



"I felt a strong and tangible presence of God in the church, and I firmly believe that the great revival time of God is going to touch this land from this church."
Evangelist Emmanuel & Christie Raj (Prophetess), Andra Pradesh, India. 23rd Jan 2005



"Every visit I make here the manifested presence gets stronger. These meetings during this visit to the UK have been the most powerful I have experienced in the UK."

(Rev. John Shiver, John Shiver Ministries, Florids). June 2005



".... I found a tremendous sense of the Lord's presence throughout the meeting. The congregation were wonderfully free in their expression of worship and showed a great hunger for the Word of God. There was an enthusiastic response for prayer ministry and among those touched in a special way was a man who shared that he'd had tremors in his hand which made writing difficult. He was healed and when asked to stretch out his arm, he could do so without any sign of shaking. Another man healed had a back problem for two years. He was in considerable pain as he came for prayer and restricted in his movement. After prayer he was able to bend down to touch his toes, and move from side to side. With much joy he testified to the Lord's healing power!"

(Yan Hadley). 12th July 2005