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On the 22 November 1922, two Welsh brothers George & Stephen Jeffreys held their first service in a disused Methodist church building in Clapham, SW London. Crowds soon flocked to the services when the press reported that many notable healings were taking place. People travelled from near and far to be a part of what God was doing in their hearts and lives. For five years the two brothers pastored the work - until they went to pioneer other 'Elim' churches elsewhere throughout the UK. 


A number of the attendees in the Clapham Church were called upon by the brothers to help pioneer churches elsewhere - mainly in the London area. Eventually, it was recognised that George Jeffreys was the leader of this new movement whilst Stephen continued in his work of evangelism elsewhere. 

It wasn't long before a Bible College was started in what is now known as the 'high flats' not far from the church (see the picture below). In addition, a printing press was opened next to the church, to publish the movement's weekly magazine, and correspondence courses to help train and prepare Elim's growing number of students - eager to get a grasp of the scriptures - to help prepare them for the work of the ministry. 


God was greatly using this movement to glorify His name and on six occasions the large Crystal Palace was packed out with crowds hungry to hear Principal George Jeffreys preach in his own unique way. Later on, for many years the Royal Albert Hall was hired on Easter Monday for a time of witness and celebration - as can be seen in the picture below.

Clapham became known as 'Elim's Central Church' as it was the second church opened under a movement that currently has approx 600 churches in the UK, with thousands of others affiliated to 'Elim' throughout the world.

During the war, the church along with many other properties was bombed - and services were carried out in a nearby hall in Carfax square. Below is one of the few pictures that exist of a church service in the now-demolished Carfax Hall. 

In June 1956 the new Elim church was opened - a building which is still in use today as a place of worship, and a place where people can have an encounter with the presence of God!

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