As an Elim church, we actively support overseas missions, and on occasions, we support Elim's Relief Agency (ERA) when a disaster takes place overseas.

In recent years we have supported outreach efforts in Cambodia, Guyana, India, Sri-Lanka, to name but a few areas. For a number of years, we have regularly supported the Elim churches in Guyana - with a number of our congregation visiting the work in that area. 

Below is one of the many churches we visited in Guyana. This church is situated on the edge of the Amazon rain forest where it serves mainly the Amerindian community.

In addition over the many years our pastor has been with us, he has visited many countries taking the message of the love of the Father and God's presence wherever he has gone - often in practical ways, as he has sought to serve others overseas.


We are a community of believers who believe God wants us to know and experience Him and His goodness as we actively pursue His manifested presence.


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