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Sunday Worship - 11am

We look forward to welcoming you and having you join with us as we worship God together, believing that He is with us and wants to meet with us in His unique way. Over the years we have had many reports of individuals who have experienced His touch on their lives, experiencing His life transforming power.

We provide BSL (British Sign Language) for the hearing impaired every Sunday morning by Elaine or Sissie towards the rear right hand side of the church.



Prayer Soaking – Tuesday 11am

Every Tuesday morning we meet together to wait on God – just to spend time in His presence and to enjoy fellowshipping with Him and inviting Him to speak into our hearts. Of course, due to Covid 19 and the government’s guidelines for churches, there will be a number of changes as to the way Prayer Soaking is run, but is essence the goal and outcomes will be the same.

To find out more what it is – click here.

Do you feel the need to draw closer to Him or to know more of His presence – prayer soaking is the answer. Why not join with us every Tuesday morning to know more of God.



Discipleship Class – Tuesday 19:30pm

Every Tuesday evening we meet to together to learn what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Take for example Peace – may believers are praying asking God for peace and the trouble is they don’t seem to get it. Why? They are going about it the wrong way. Peter instructs us that peace comes as a result of knowing God and applying Jesus’ instructions in your life (2 Pet 1:2).

We normally meet in our Minor Hall at the rear of the church so why not join us – you’ll be most welcome. Of course we will be applying the government’s guidelines for Covid 19 to ensure the safety of everyone.



Sunday     -     11:00am to 1:00pm     -       Morning Celebration

(A relaxed atmosphere that often includes communion, where we seek to worship God and honour the presence of the Holy Spirit - giving Him the opportunity to speak and work in our lives)


Monday    -    18:30pm to 19:30pm   -        Momentum

(A varied youth programme for 11-19 yr olds, empowering your people to become outstanding individuals in society - able to overcome the pressures and tensions within life)


Tuesday    -    10:00am to 12:00 noon      Prayer Soaking

(The Bible states "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). Prayer Soaking is where people have an opportunity to 'chill out' or relax in God's presence, giving Him an opportunity to speak and minister into their hearts, lives and situations. - Attenders if they wish receive prayer at some point during this service.)


Tuesday     -   19:30pm to 21:00pm   -     Growing As A Disciple

(An opportunity to learn how you can apply the scriptures in your daily life, so that you can become a better disciple in your walk and relationship with Jesus Christ. Often there is an opportunity for ministry at some point in the service)


Friday      -     20:00pm to 12:00 midnight      Half Night of Prayer

First Friday of the month. Why not join us as we wait on God - giving Him the opportunity to speak to us. 


Other meetings and events as announced

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